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 NOVEMBER 2015 Click It or Ticket PRE-Mobilization Seat Belt Survey
  (Conduct Nov 9-18, 2015; Due Nov 19, 2015!)

 NOVEMBER 2015 Click It or Ticket POST-Mobilization Seat Belt Survey
 (Conduct Nov 27-Dec 3, 2015; Due Dec 4, 2015!)

 NOVEMBER 2015 Click It or Ticket Enforcement Stat Worksheet
 (Due Dec 4, 2015!)

 MAY 2015 Click It or Ticket PSA Scripts

 MAY 2015 Click It or Ticket Sample Proclamation

 MAY 2015 Click It or Ticket Fact Sheet & Talking Points

 MAY 2015 Click It or Ticket News Release Template

 MAY 2015 Click It or Ticket RESULTS News Release Template

Highway Safety Grant Time and Activity Tracking for Non-Profit Organizations, Universities, State Agencies (TSS 6)  

Highway Safety Project Grant - Line Item Budget Adjustment Request (TSS 10C)  

Highway Safety Grantee Progress and Monitor Report for Law Enforcement (TSS 14A)

Highway Safety Grantee Progress and Monitor Report for State Agencies and Non-Profit Organizations (TSS 14B)

Highway Safety Grant Reimbursement Voucher for Highway Safety Project Costs (TSS 15)

Highway Safety Grant Salary Reimbursement(s) Reporting (TSS 15A)  

Highway Safety Grant Total Cost and Matching Report (TSS 20)  

Saved by the Belt & Bag Award Nomination Form